Why choose Glitter Friends?

You’re not only taking care of your family ~ just as nature intended, you’re also supporting Australian local small business community and Australian manufacturers!

Glitter Friends products are formulated with Australian Certified organic ingredients and are Certified Toxic-Free®, Allergy Safe Certified®, Made Safe® and Non Toxic.

Award winning Natural Skincare, Body care and Haircare, provides relief for eczema, dry, itchy and sensitive skin and scalp. 

Award winning Natural Home, Mattress + Linen Spray and Laundry Wash. Especially for infants, elderly, those with sensitive skin and allergies.

100% Australian Down Wool ”all seasons Doona Quilt” the best wool quilt for asthma and allergy-prone sufferers. Wool is the perfect choice for those that suffer from allergies; this is because wool’s lanolin is antibacterial, acting as a dust mite repellant.