Keep clothing & linen fresh, clean & safe!

If anyone is unwell, make sure to wash their Bedding and Towels daily or, at a bare minimum, change the pillowcase everyday that they are in bed sick, to stop germs spreading!!

Be safe, wash your pyjamas regularly too!

Clothes are a carrier of germs just like your body!

Clothing, bedlinen and towels can spread germs –
– if they are used by more than 1 person germs can spread between them.
– when someone handles dirty laundry they can spread germs onto their hands.
– as clothes are washed, germs can spread between items in the process of being washed.

Underwear is more likely to have germs on it than outer clothing like jumpers or trousers. Underwear may contain germs from traces of faeces (poo) and from genital infections, such as thrush.

However, you can also pick up germs on your outer clothes, for example if you nurse someone with an illness or clean up vomit. Germs can also get onto outer clothing if you handle contaminated food or brush against a soiled object.

Most germs can survive on fabrics for some time!

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