QUEEN BED Luxury “Duet” Quilt 210cms x 210cms


or 4 payments of $172.50 with 

100% Pure New Australian Wool Quilt

Providing 3 levels of warmth!

200gms and 300gms easily clip together, or stand alone.

Together they provide 500gms for the coldest nights!


Wool is a breathable fibre that has the unique ability to regulate your body temperature to keep you warm in winter and ensure you don’t feel hot or sweaty in summer. Wool is lightweight, ultra comfortable and suits all styles of sleepers which is fantastic for partners who have different sleeping temperatures.

Is this Quilt good for asthma and allergy suffers?
Absolutely. Lanolin in the wool acts as a dust mite repellant making it an unsuitable breeding ground for little nasties! Dust mites are one of the main triggers for asthma and allergy sufferers symptoms. Minimising their existence not only helps you get a better nights sleep, it can also assist in alleviating symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose and an itchy throat when you wake in the morning.

Is a Wool quilt good for both summer and winter?
Wool is a natural fibre that breathes and has the ability to retain heat when needed and it absorbs or wicks moisture if you become too hot. This regulates your sleeping temperature throughout the night. Heat retaining quilts can result in interrupted sleeping patterns as the heat keeps building and accumulating under the quilt throughout the night!

100% Pure Australian Wool benefits,
1. Natures Insulator – Regulates temperature to keep you warm in winter, cool in summer
2.Easy to keep clean and maintain
3. Healthy Sleeping Environment – doesn’t attract dust and the associated dust mites.
4. A perfect solution for asthma and allergy sufferers.
5. Eco friendly renewable resource
6. Buy Australian – support Aussie workers, Aussie farmers and the Australian economy.
7. Safety – fire resistant

Keep your body temperature at the optimum level for sleep all year round. For asthma and allergy sufferers, wool is naturally hypoallergenic. The fibre is inherently resistant to dust mites and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

The quilt may be machine washed in a front loader washing machine on a gentle, wool cycle, or it can be dry cleaned. However, we recommend regular airing, preferably outside. Regular airing in sunlight will reduce the need for frequent washing. Air and shake out regularly to main loft and freshness
Warm (40°C) machine wash on wool cycle – Do not bleach -Gentle spin – Line dry or dry flat – May be dry cleaned (air well afterwards)
WARNING: Do not tumble dry. Avoid excess heat and agitation during cleaning as this will cause damage. Our guarantee does not cover quilts that are incorrectly laundered.

Additional information

Weight 5.700 g
Dimensions 50 × 45 × 45 cm

Queen Bed

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